The Nile Group teachers concists of a remarkable collection of the finest and most famous teachers and artists within Oriental Dance in Egypt and Internationaly.

Choreographers, Teachers, Artists, Musicians, Folklore Dancers and Oriental Dancers from Egypt and the rest of the world.

All sharing the same passion for the Art of Oriental Dance and Culture.

Welcome and join us in any of our events and learn from the Masters!

Here you can see which teachers are available for each Nile Group Cairo.

Please visit the Schedule of workshops and choose your classes.

                             WARM UP Class
                       will be with Amr patrick

           Each Nile Group Cairo we give the opportunity for some International teachers to

                                           teach a class the first day of the event.

          The "Warm Up" Class is free of Charge for the students  Hotel Package Participants

                                                   and is meant to be a nice

                                 "WARM UP" TO KICK-START THE INTENSIVE

                                                             EVENT WEEK!